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Remi the Raptor

One of our fun and super hyper Utah Raptor's name is Remi. Well little do people know, Remi was found at a young age, in a very remote area of Utah. Remi was sad and very scared when we found her.


She drank 15 gallons of water and ate 350 chicken nuggets after we found her and we all  became friends. She immediately became a loving addition to Dino Crew and wanted to start training right away!


Meg, the owner, had just a few questions for Remi before she could take her to the Dino training Camp! First question was; can you behave for the most part around kids and adults that are having the time of their lives? Remi nodded her head in excitement indicating yes!


The next question Meg had was; can you dance, spin  and just act silly for an audience? Once again Remi excitedly nodded her head indicating yes! So from that day on Remi has been working and training with Dino Crew. She brings so much fun and amazement in everything she does, including her very favorite sport volleyball.

She has a great serve with her tail and can do amazing things in the game with her snout! We love our Remi to pieces and when we aren't running after her trying to control her she is quite the character. 


Parks are her favorite

Remi loves parks and 

anything she can play with.

Like buckets, cones, balls, squeaky toys.

You name it, if she can step on it, kick it or throw it, she loves it.  She has a super fun personality. Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing her helmet and fell during a scooter ride recently and is only able to be a prop at events now. 

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