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  1. Hello, meet Echo, our newest member of the Arizona Dinosaurs. A lively and mischievous raptor who was welcomed into the Dino Crew Entertainment family July of 2023. Echo is no ordinary raptor; with vibrant colors, and a fun-loving spirit, she quickly became the heart and soul of the crew.


  3. Echo's day always starts out with her favorite breakfast – Waffles! She hops around, giggling as she enjoys the sweet taste of waffles mixed with syrup, berries and sometimes chocolate chips. But waffles aren't her only passion; she also has an insatiable love for bbq wings, gobbling them up with delight.


  5. But it isn't just food that makes Echo special. It's also her unique talent for dancing, and whenever Dino Crew needed to lift spirits or entertain the crowd, Echo will step onto the stage and show off her incredible moves. Her dance performances are always filled with joy and energy, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces.


  7. Apart from dancing, Echo's dream is to become a professional kicker for a popular NFL team. She kicks a football like there's no tomorrow. After she kicks the football she always runs around the field with her lightning-fast speed and giggles the whole time.


  9. Another fun fact about Echo is she loves to relax in her favorite spot in Megs backyard in a cozy hammock suspended between two trees. There, she will sway gently in the breeze, sometimes even dozing off for a quick nap.


  11. One day, during a particularly challenging show, the crew faced unexpected technical difficulties. The mood was down, and it seemed like the show might be canceled. But Echo had an idea! With a little dance and a lot of silliness, she managed to fix the technical glitches and save the day.


  13. From that moment on, Echo became not only the super fun and silly member of the crew but also their go-to problem solver. Her love for waffles, BBQ wings, dancing, football, and hammocks remained unchanged, but her reputation as a hero grew.


  15. Echo brings joy to everyone around her, and Dino Crew knows they are lucky to have her as a beloved and cherished member of their family. 

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