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Meet Meg

Welcome to the wild world of dino-mania. With a roar of laughter and a staggering T-Rex by her side, she's the Dino trainer extraordinaire, making sure her prehistoric pals are always ready for the spotlight. Step aside, Jurassic Park, because Meg's Dino show is the real Jurassic Party.

Meg has been the owner of this exciting and adventurous company for quite some time. She loves seeing the jaw dropping expressions people have when they see or come in contact with these exhilarating dinosaurs. She also enjoys feeding time when the Dinos have fun sharing chicken nuggets and the occasional cheeseburger. She takes good care of the carnivorous creatures and tucks them in their specially made dino beds individually at night. Be careful tho, Meg always has to wear very thick gloves just in case. 

Megs pic.jpg

Meet Zach

Brace yourselves for a jaw dropping show as the arena lights up and the ground trembles with excitement when Zach joins the crowd. 

Zach is definitely a huge party animal and a big star of the show! We’ll let you figure that one out.


He not only steals the show but is a huge help all in all aspects of Dino Crew. When he's not on the main stage, he helps clean and organize as well as plays the roles of many other characters.  


He has a passion for sports cars that matches his love for prehistoric giants. He has a blast hanging out with friends and snowboarding as well when he's not working with these gentle giants! 

Warner .png

Meet Warner

Hold on tight as we unveil another party animal and electrifying entertainer of Dino Crew. He's not just a star on stage but also a wizard behind the scenes. 

Warner's another super charged prehistoric pal! Just like the other party animals, he loves being the star of any show! When he's roars into action, like the rest of the party animals, all eyes are on him. Combining the best of both worlds, dino-mania and love for sports car can be quite the frenzy! Get ready for an adrenaline pumping extravaganza unlike anything you've seen before when he's around. He is also a huge help behind the scenes as well.


Step into the rhythmic realm of dino-dancing with the one and only River. He's great at getting kids of all ages on their feet with his hip hop moves.

River is another energy packed party animal if you know what we mean, wink wink! He's also quick on his feet and can spin great webs when he helps with other roles. 


He is always a great help with the crew and is always up to any task. He can sure give a great show and is ready to perform! River is one of the go to guys that makes sure the show runs like a finely tuned automobile. Speaking of which, he's currently studying to be an automobile expert, blending his love for sports cars with his incredible passion for volleyball leaves a fast paced and busy life outside of Dino Crew.


Meet Amelia

Get ready for a show like no other when Amelia is around. She combines a world of enchantment with a dinosaur extravaganza. 

Amelia is not only is an amazing host and princess but is a great multi-tasker. She also helps with office work and marketing with finesse. Her love of dance and her knack of moving quickly helps set the stage for some rip roaring fun. She does such a superb job with the Dinos and has so much fun when they start getting a little crazy, as in trying to nibble on her shoulder or spinning in a circle so she has to duck to avoid their long tails!


She also loves being around the kiddos and her knowledge of fun facts helps keep the little ones occupied for hours. Amelia also loves her dog Beanie who Is a rescue dachshund and to spend time with her friends,  as well as a great love for fashion. 


Meet Sabrina

Step into a world of adorable prehistoric wonders and magical charm with the amazing Sabrina.

Sabrina loves little kids and to watch their innocent expressions as they marvel at our dinosaurs big and small. She has a passion for the baby dinosaurs and takes great care of them, nurturing them as they grow into adults. Beyond her Dino duties she plays the role of a princess, bringing an enchanting aura to the show. With her warm heart and helping hands, she's an invaluable asset to the team.


She loves spending time with her friends and family, especially girls night out and the traguility of hanging out at the lake, to treasure every memory.


Meet Cassidy

Step into a world of excitement, where little kids are filled with awe and laughter, all thanks to the incredible Cassidy, an amazing host and trainer of our Dinos!

Cassidy has a special talent for connecting with the little ones, captivating their imagination with her vast knowledge of dinosaurs.  With a gentle touch and a warm smile, she guides them on a journey through the prehistoric past, turning learning into a thrilling adventure. She loves being silly with the dinosaurs and does great avoiding the tail spins and other shenanigans brought on by the energetic Dino's. She is awesome about details and remembers them so well, helping to remind everyone to not forgot things on their way out! 


She is crazy about old trucks and loves them when they are all fixed up and lookin good! She also loves hanging out with friends and her theater classes. 




Meet Hannah & Edynn

These two bring on some fun excitement and roaring times for all the kiddos. They are great part time summer helpers.

Hannah loves working for Dino Crew and has so much fun doing it. She brings a fun, positive and go get it attitude to the mix. Hanna adores sports! Especially basketball and cheer, which she is crazy about. She loves working with young kids and excels at it immensely. Hannah has so much fun hanging with friends and enjoys the time she has with them.


Edynn is great at being an assistant host and having fun with the dinos. She is a key element when it comes to running the snowcone division of Dino Crew! She has an excellent attitude and always jumps at the opportunity to help, and she absolutely loves the baby dinos. Edynn has a special place in her heart for animals and has quite a few that she loves. Edynn also loves crafts, music, working with kids and helping her loving family around their farm. She also runs the daycare at her church and does other activities there as well.

Hannah SY 22.23.jpg
IMG_1886 (1).jpg

Meet Ashley

Dino Assistant

Our Dinos are so social we had to get them a personal assistant. Ashley is one of the newest Dino Crew teammates! She helps with operations and behind-the-scenes efforts to keep the Dinos busy with parties and events. If you're saying hi on social media, you might be chatting with Ashley! Ashley is also a yoga teacher and parent coach. She does not have any free time because she has 7 kids and a very needy French bulldog, but she loves it all! Party on!

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