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An amazing team!

Dino Crew's Northwest division is an extraordinary team that brings

a unique and thrilling experience to events. With  a passion for 

dinosaurs and an unmatched sense of fun, they create unforgettable

memories. The crew is composed of enthusiastic and talented

individuals who excel at engaging guest of all ages and making every event a complete blast. 

Call NOW! 425-299-0070

From corporate gatherings to birthday parties, their presence adds an exciting

and educational element that sets them apart. Get ready for a roaring good

time with this crew. 

Please note:  the Washington division is on a very limited
schedule for the remainder of the year and is not taking many new requests. They will try and be back to their normal schedule in 2025. You can contact them directly via there Facebook page or call them directly if you have any questions. They are owned and operated separately from the AZ division. AZ does not take WA requests.

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