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Frequently Asked Dinosaur Party Questions

We all want your party to be the best party ever! We team together to make it an unforgettable and awesome experience for everyone. Here are some common questions and topics to ensure you have a super Dinosaur Party!

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Summer Parties

If temps are between 90 and 100 degrees, we must have shade for packages including a big Interactive Dino. If over 100 degrees, we DO not do outdoor parties with our Big

Interactive Dino. All events must be indoors with A/C. No exceptions.

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What about the dinosaur enclosure?

Our truck and trailer take up approximately 45 feet to park.

Parking MUST be simple and reserved for us. No backing up, parallel parking or any other

type of parking is allowed. Save parking for us with cones, vehicles, boxes anything that works.

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Do we have insurance?

Yes, we are fully covered to entertain at all city parks in Arizona.

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How much space do dinosaurs need?

Please read specifics on area needed to entertain if your package includes the big Interactive Dino.

The big Dino cannot come out if there is not enough room. 

The amount of room to entertain is a minimum of 20x30 ft per big Dino, of course we prefer

a much bigger area to interact in and to play games.

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Do we travel to parks?

Yes, we travel to parks, houses, city events, schools, organizations, you name it. As long as there is room (and shade when temps are high) for us, we will be there.

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Can we have other entertainers/characters too?

If you decide to have other party entertainment, please stagger other entertainment at different times, as we all have our unique programs and games and your kids will want to enjoy each fully.

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How big are the Dino's or Unicorn? 

Our big Dino's range from 7-9 ft tall, 12-14 ft long and about 3.5 ft wide, we can fit in most side gates, just please be sure everything is cleared for the Dino's to walk

through and not trip. We prefer rv gates but if not backyard side gates work too.

Our big Unicorn is 2.5 feet wide and almost 8 ft tall with the horn. She is 7ft 7" long.

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Can customers also have a pool party, other characters or bouncy house?

Yes, but please take into consideration, it is not our responsibility to gather the children out of the pool or bouncy house to play the Dinosaur activities. The host of the party needs to do this, not our host.


Please have kids out and ready to play right before we arrive. Please remember our Dinosaurs and Unicorns are animatronic, which means they are battery operated. We cannot have sprinklers or misters directly on any of our equipment.

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Does the Washington Dino Crew have the same policies?

Please contact them directly for their policies. This page

is for Arizona parties only. Washington events have an inquiry form that needs to be submitted.

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